LEGION Gaming Community - Wasteland Stratis Server | All guests welcome!


We are actively recruiting players to come experience LEGION's vision to loot, live, build, create and PvP on one of the best Wasteland servers in the world! We also have active playerbases in other ArmA 3 mods, such as Breaking Point.

We currently offer a 100 man LEGION Wasteland Stratis server. Before you join our server be sure to thank the Devs of Wasteland & support them for all their hard work as we wouldn't have the awesome groundwork laid without them!
Our Current Servers: We have spent many hours to provide the most balanced high loot system on our servers. LEGION believes Wasteland is about survival but also about engaging in activities such as missions and PvP. Our loot tables reflects the ability for a player to quickly get into the fight and also find the materials they need for the long term conflicts that can result in any survival based PvP experience!

UPDATES - 4/19/2015

Player slots moved back up to 100 for more engaging PvP.
New mission systems added back in, 
paraspawning added
more ATMs added
Best Day/Night Cycle
Active Player/Base Saving
rearm/refuel stations added
loot spawner adjusted, and new weapons and items added
deployables modified

High FPS, Low Ping, Active Admins.
Join us and continue making LEGION the great server that it's always been.



Artificial Intelligence(AI on the server) explained:

Random encounters from roaming land and air based vehicles are full with AI & have four randomly chosen levels of skill. Each of these levels has progressively better weapons, armor, cash and loot. These AI can be a challenge if you get multiple vehicles involved in the fight but mostly they are very easy for any decently equipped player. New players will find these AI to be fun and have great starting gear to get equipped with but remember if you don't want to fight them, simply hide and they should pass you by. If however you stand AFK in the road expect to be engaged and killed promptly!
Our server is molded by our players and we would like to invite you to our forums to voice your feedback on anything that is currently implemented in our servers as well as posting any new ideas you would like to see come to life.
LEGION is for the people.

We are LEGION & we harbor a living & breathing enviroment where you can call home.

We hope you will join us in our journey of continued contribution to the ArmA Community, see you soon.

We Are Legion, We Are Many

These Mods are not required to play, you can still join the server, but having these will enhance your game play.

JSRS3: DragonFyre
Blastercore A3
Community Based Addons A3 Must Have for DragonFyre
Adjustable Full Screen Night Vision
Midrange Terrain Texture Replacement [BETA]
Blastcore Tracers A3

You can use the above Armaholic links.  See you in the wasteland!

On another note, we have a very large teamspeak server on a dedicated box, that anyone can use, we just like meeting new people and playing games.  If you don't see a room for your game, just ask and we will create you one!

We just changed the TS to a different box the post above is in error, please use the below IP:

We have also just added a Churno RHS server....feel free to check it out
Stratis up and running.