Trying to add PM Compact by JTS

Trying to add PM Compact by JTS

« posted: May 03, 2014, 04:17 PM »
This is a neat little addon that enables you to send PMs to all players or just the different sides, several players asked for something like this and i do agree that it could be useful, for example i play Indy alot and sometimes i felt that i could use this to spy for say the Blufor side =).

But i get this error
Code: [Select]
15:05:57 "ANTI-HACK 0.8.0: Blocked remote execution: arguments=["JTS_FNC_SENT",B Alpha 1-3:1 (Cael817 (2)) REMOTE,false,false] code=["dsfag","From: Cael817\n\nazsdfg"]"in the .rpt

Is it possible to add an exempt for this? i understand that this is not enough to tell me exactly what to do but would it be somewhat easy to implement for me, looking in the filterExecAttempt.sqf it looks to be a place to add such exempts.
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Re: Trying to add PM Compact by JTS

« Reply #2 posted: May 05, 2014, 03:49 PM »
Thanks =)

Tried it yesterday and it worked like a charm, only thing now is that the action menu option for "personal message" is shown in the middle of the screen default when you log on and sometimes show when you enter/exit vehicles but that has nothing to do with A3W.

Thanks again