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Join The No Bullshit Revolution

« posted: Nov 25, 2015, 05:31 PM »

No Bullshit Revolution Website:

The gaming world is sadly full of silly little kids that are not mature enough to be in control of a mouse and keyboard let alone be left unattended with a microphone. You have to suffer crappy, laggy, unimaginative servers with either over zealous or non existent admins. Then you want to be part of a group but you encounter military structures with ranks and pomp and ceremony... You just want to play and have a good laugh right..?

To try and solve this problem and provide sanctuary from all the bullshit. The No Bullshit Revolution was formed many years ago from a collection of experienced, level headed, competitive gamers who just want to enjoy the time they have for gaming and not have their game time ruined by a load of bullshit. The time has come for the the Revolution to rear its ugly head again so here we are with a brand new Wasteland dedicated server.

The server itself is the result of countless hours of development and features the most advanced version of A3Wasteland with some of the most innovative addons and features from some of the best scripters from the Arma community. Our server has only today been released to the public and we believe it will standout from the crowd, so why not take the opportunity to tackle some of our AI missions while things are quiet and fill your ATM account in preparation of the impending battles!

We have a free Teamspeak server for our players to use and a stats package to display all your kills/deaths/captures/beheadings (yes beheadings!) will be implemented in the coming days.

Our Wasteland server IP is:
You can also just search "NO Bullshit Wasteland Stratis" from the server browser
Our Teamspeak server address is:

We welcome any like minded individuals to join us to make a few friends and have a good laugh playing on a server that is designed around the wants and needs of our regular players. We do not suffer fools kindly and we look after our own. We encourage suggestions from players as to how they would like their server to run and will gladly implement any ideas we feel will improve the No Bullshit Revolution experience!

Visit our website for the razzmatazz and all that jazz:

Errrr... I mean... WAR...!!
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Re: Join The No Bullshit Revolution

« Reply #1 posted: Jul 15, 2016, 01:59 AM »
so after looking for a stable wasteland server that i could join i came across this one and decided to try it out and while yes i do get far better FPS compared to other servers!

i have to admit and im sorry to say but this server was an horrendous experience! i get in and im meet with constant Kicked by the server messages with no explanation. and after a couple restarts of the client, i finally manage to get in and play for a long period of time... my first hour in im meet with some AFK people and now after coming back on about an hour to 30 minutes ago im meet with 3 individuates that are in opfor and just going on a team killing spree!

as a server that prides itself clearly on wanting users that dont give bullshit / trolling / teamkilling etc etc this server has plenty of it!

what the hell is even the point of playing if this is all that happens yet they play the system in killing you bu reviving you! and then repeating the process. im sure me and others can agree no one likes griefers! and would rather just kill them to get rid of the annoyance. but its either you lose all your gear or you have to end them. yea did i mention they only did this when you bought gear ? all that money down the drain especially considering how expensive weapons are!

im sorry but i would not recommend this server to anyone. unless you just want your time wasted then sure go right ahead and then possible get banned later on!

would have discussed this with a admin. but a admin is not present which is understandable considering it was 11 at night!