Advanced bounty system

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Advanced bounty system

« posted: Sep 17, 2013, 11:50 AM »
 Sketch of UI for BH (taken from swg)

Design idea:

 - Mercenary and Bounty hunter npc can be killed and is not visible on map (adds option of cool down for bounty hunter targets).
 - Only Mercenary (100k licence) can become Bounty hunters.
 - Bounty hunter can share bounty.
 - Bounty hunter can be also hunted by other bounty hunters.
 - If a bounty target is killed by a none bounty hunter hunter. That person doesn't get any bounty.
 - Person who is a none bounty hunter and is in party with bounty hunter, does not get shared bounty hunter reward.

 - To become bounty hunter you have to kill and survive 5 kill orders by mercenary mission giver. To be able to become Bounty hunter.

Arma 3 unnamed vehicles design idea:

 - You can buy  unnamed vehicles at special bounty hunter npc, which is not visible on map and is walking around. Can also be killed.

 - You are unable to buy unnamed vehicles if your not a registered bounty hunter (prevention of exploiting).

 - Can use only 1 Vehicle at a time (prevention of exploiting).
 - Air/Ground vehicles have fuel and damage implemented.
 - Air armed vehicle has only few missiles (prevention of exploiting).
 - If Air/Ground vehicle is destroyed, it is destroyed. You have to buy new one.

 - You can store your one unnamed vehicle in a truck (space limitation and prevention of exploits).
 - You can store your unnamed vehicles in your base (up to you have many you want).

Arma 3 unnamed vehicles search target idea:

 - Air/Ground vehicles consume a lot of fuel and are prone to damage (landing, hitting walls, fences, etc..).
 - Air/Ground vehicles have limited search capabilities because of limited fuel.
 - Air/Ground vehicles have 60% success on target location.

Final note:

 - Everything written in ideas, could be adjusted with config file, how server admins would want it.

Re: Advanced bounty system

« Reply #1 posted: Sep 22, 2013, 09:56 AM »

Come back to this once we have a3wasteland altis at version 1. Can't see us devoting this much time to anything non-essential until v1.0 is out.