Teamkilling/Griefing [HELP]

Teamkilling/Griefing [HELP]

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So I was playing a3armory wasteland stratis #1.

I saw this armed heli mission and went to do the mission.

When I finished the mission, 2 players on opfor (my side) with no mics to communicate with, came flying towards my mission that I had just finished, then the players jumped into the heli that I had just gotten and attempted to fly away with it. So I shot the teammate out of the heli and revived him, while talking it chat saying " Dude I killed the ai and so gtfo ". But the micless griefers they were, started to tk me and as I killed them in self defense and later start reviving them, one of them presses suicide which would count as me killing them and they later pressed the punish button and banned me from the team.

What I Want

Punishment For The Griefers

 And Or

A Compensation ( Money )

P.S. I don't know who this tom person was in the video because he had no icon.
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Re: Teamkilling/Griefing [HELP]

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You're on the wrong website. Go here.

Re: Teamkilling/Griefing [HELP]

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Thanks ill put you in the referrer  :D