Smart Roaming AI Occupation Script adaption for Namalsk Wasteland server

I found this script in the Exile forms and would like to adapt it for use on my Wasteland Namalsk server. The key feature of this roaming AI script is that it monitors player count and server fps count to keep server performance at acceptible levels.

The original post / script can be found here:

I'd like to call theWasteland  towns list (in much the same way many of the missions do) for spawning AI but my coding attempts have failed so far.

Code: [Select]
_setupObjects =
_town = (call cityList) call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
_missionPos = markerPos (_town select 0);

Would anyone be willing and able to assist me adapting this?

Our server is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Namalsk Wasteland | Full Save

I have already done much of the porting for the Namalsk. Towns, stores, territories, snow, fog etc.
We are taking a little different appraoch with Namalsk and going for atmospher / immersion more than oft seen stripped down, turn off everything, blue sky, full moon nights, instant cleanup servers that are most Wasteland servers these days. Our goal is design  a smaller player cap server that is feature rich with custom missions that take advantage of the maps locations and feeling.

For example: I'd like to redesign the hackers mission to spawn the laptop down inside the A2 location and make the would be hackers fight their way into A2...and then out again.

Check it out and if you are able to help on this script then many thanks. We would like to find someone to work with who is passionate about customing Wasteland for the map and someone who loves the Namalsk setting.

Occupation script:
Code: [Select]
// Server Occupation script by second_coming
// This script uses the fantastic DMS by Defent and eraser1

if (!isServer) exitWith {};
diag_log format ["[OCCUPATION]:: Starting Occupation Monitor"];

_middle = worldSize/2;
_spawnCenter = [_middle,_middle,0];
_max = _middle;
_useLaunchers = DMS_ai_use_launchers;

_maxAIcount = 100; // the maximum amount of AI, if the AI count is above this then additional AI won't spawn
_minFPS = 15; // any lower than 15fps on the server and additional AI won't spawn
_scaleAI = 10; // any more than _scaleAI players on the server and _maxAIcount is reduced for each extra player
_debug = false; // set to true for debug log information
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Are you using the Exile Standalone version of Namalsk or the ported version that requires AIA TP / CUP ?

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Hi Creampie..

The new / ported A3 version. We want to keep downloading and playing as simple and mod free as possible. At least that's the goal...given that players seem willing to play the maps that are stock and some players struggle with multiple mod downloads.
Did you get this script to work. I am interested to get in on vanilla A3.