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ERM Gaming Wasteland Stratis

« posted: Apr 09, 2016, 10:50 AM »
Hi Guys,

Decided to post up even tho I've had the server up for over a year now:



It's a growing community and we would love more members or staff and also maybe community collaborations!!

Server Info:

*Active Admins
*High FPS - Faster Cleanup Scripts
*High Money For The Full Sandbox Experience (350k)
*It Also Runs Arma 3 Enhanced Movement Mod!! ~ First Server I Believe but it's not required to join the server!
*Soon To Be Added Custom Base Locations
*Small Updates, Tweeks & Addons Implemented Regularly
*JSRS Eden 1.2 Sound Mod
*Other Than That All The Usual Addons!

Server is maxed out most nights so come get a bit if the action :D !!