How do you setup a server? (Got it kinda running)

How do you setup a server? (Got it kinda running)

« posted: Apr 22, 2016, 01:44 AM »
Hope this is the right area...
I've had a exile server up and running, also a wasteland server up before, but I didn't get the saving to work because I had no idea how to setup the mysql.  Not sure if it was A3 or Sa-maria or whatever it was.

So right now I can launch the server and play on it.  It is not reading the "A3Wasteland_settings" folder for some reason.  But I'm going to take a quickish step back...  In the master fiels, there is the battleye and A3Wasteland_settings unpacked, then tehre is a config then a exdb then a inidb...  The only instructions tell you to put the A3Wasteland_settings in the arma 3 server dir, which I have done and it's not working.
Where do what files need to go where?  extDB or IniDB?  I wanna say exile uses extDB.

Going to do a checklist style of what other problems I have.

If you go to lobby, it quits the mission.
You have to select the mission every startup
I have no idea how to get server to shutdown or restart, but if I can get it to shutdown, I can get it to start back up automatically.
Startup gear... have yet to look in the mission pbo...
Prices and shops...^^
Did a town invasion mission and the AI was pretty much braindead?
Is it hard to setup vehicle storage?

Do note, I use linux and my current startup line is very basic and have not made a config file.
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sudo ./arma3server  >>/home/admin-ben/gameserver/logs/log90.rpt 2>&1 -port=2302 -autoinit
I took -autoinit off because it didn't want to work.... so pretty much only the port is set.  The >>/home is setting up a log file.


Re: How do you setup a server? (Got it kinda running)

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So I got a config going... still don't know how to get it to shutdown auto.  I can get on it still n stuff.
There are about 0 instructions on how to actually setup the server.  I ended up opening up the mission.pbo and found the server/admins.sql and that got me admin.  But when I modded default config the server went wonky... I only modded the starting money, but saving on esc and water and bank info went away.

As far as I know there is no attempt to connect to my mysql server.  Which I assume is because there is a pathing error, just like the "A3Wasteland_settings" folder.  It would probably find it, but its got \ instead of /.
Which this must be why I'm getting this error in my log.

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0:56:38 Warning Message: Problem occurred when saving profile data. The file may be set to read-only or can be blocked by another instance of the game (e.g., dedicated server).
 0:53:29 Warning Message: Script \A3Wasteland_settings\admins.sqf not found
 0:53:29 Warning Message: Script \A3Wasteland_settings\serverRules.sqf not found
 0:53:29 "WASTELAND SERVER - Server Compile Finished"
 0:53:29 Warning Message: Script \A3Wasteland_settings\main_config.sqf not found
 0:53:29 "[WARNING] A3W configuration file '\A3Wasteland_settings\main_config.sqf' was not found. Using default settings!"

Anyone know where a tutorial for this is?  I followed the readme in "A3W_extDB_pack" but that hasn't worked.