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Hi people firstly i wanna thank the guys who made wastelands, you have done a great job.

Ok im a bit nooby when it comes to editing stuff ( i have and do search for as much as i can)
But im trying to find out how to add the airdrop to a current install working perfectly.

Can anyone please point me in the direction to adding this feature to my week old server hosted at gamingdeluxe. Also if i was to add this feature do i have to wipe my very small database or can i implement it to carry on from where i am now. (i would prefer to keep database as there is a few who have put some hours into the server already)

Please dont shoot me down as i said i am very noobissh with arma but willing to lean (we all started somewhere)
So if you can put any info into noob language that would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

p.s i did search before posting but couldnt find anything that made any sence


Re: Airdrop

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look here

Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - v1.4 Release

Re: Airdrop

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thanks for this I will have a go at installing this tomorrow/ Sunday.
but thanks for the link