A little guidance Please

A little guidance Please

« posted: Aug 02, 2016, 06:41 PM »
Hi People.

As a novice (yeah i know you seen the likes of me before ) But i would love to add a few more missions to my server but all i can find are quite advanced users stuff. Yes i am willing to learn and i dont expect to be spoon fed.

The missions i would like to add are Hostile Jet formation, Smugglers and roadblock.

I have found missions while scouting reliable Git hub users but for the life of me i cannot get them to work.

Before you shoot me down and say google is your friend i have used google time after time but im not getting any closer to the result i am after and yes i have used these forums search too.

Can anyone please point me to a guide that can fulfil my needs or can anyone please knock up a few examples of what i need to do.

If on the other hand someone would like to add these to my mission files (working of coarse ) i am willing to pay for their time/knowledge (as long as i can watch them being done) through a reputable remote desktop application (so i can get the jist of what i need to do in the future)

Like i have said before im not expecting to be spoon fed but, Lets call it a little help for the not so clever people who want to make stuff work.

And 1 last thing while im here. Is there a way of increasing ai on the current missions without increasing their capabilities i.e more ai on missions

Any help would be gratefully received 

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Well .. finally our server missions look like that:

Code: [Select]
SpecialMissions =
// Mission filename, weight
["mission_Falcon", 1],
["mission_StomperSOS", 1]


ExtraMissions =
// Mission filename, weight
["mission_TownInvasion", 1],
["mission_TownInvasion2", 1],
["mission_TownInvasion3", 1],
["mission_TownInvasion4", 1],
["mission_WoodDealer", 1],
["mission_Gravedigger", 1]


MainMissions =
// Mission filename, weight
["mission_ArmedDiversquad", 1],
["mission_HostileJetFormation", 1],
["mission_HostileTanoaFormation", 1],
["mission_Coastal_Convoy", 1],
["mission_Convoy", 1],
["mission_HostileHeliFormation", 0.5],
["mission_APC", 1],
["mission_HostageRescue", 1],
["mission_MBT", 1],
["mission_LightArmVeh", 1],
["mission_ArmedHeli", 1],
["mission_Coastal_Jetski", 1],
["mission_HostageRescue", 0.5],
["mission_CivHeli", 1]


SideMissions =
["mission_HostileHelicopter", 0.5],
["mission_MiniConvoy", 1],
["mission_TombRaider", 1],
["mission_Outpost", 3],
["mission_SunkenSupplies", 1],
["mission_drugsRunners", 1],
["mission_HostileJet", 1],
["mission_geoCache", 1],
["mission_Sniper", 1],
["mission_Smugglers", 1],
["mission_WalterWhite", 1],
["mission_Truck", 1]

MoneyMissions =
["mission_MoneyShipment", 1],
["mission_altisPatrol", 1],
["mission_altisPatrol2", 1],
["mission_SunkenTreasure", 1]

Small sample of the missions, we edited: Tanoa Wasteland

And since today, we have lots more - and these 2 new categories. It's not done finally nor perfect, but we develop everything each day/week.

To be honest, most of the missions aren't really NEW, but we changed different things, added others, edited text and pictures and stuff like that.

Easiest way: join our server, take a look at our pbo and the missions and use, what u want.

Re: A little guidance Please

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thanks for your input its greatly received .. its not so much the missions its more the mission controllers and which one to put stuff in that seems to be the issue that i am experiencing .

But yes thanks for your kind invite i will visit your server but in the mean time i will keep scratching my head :P

Re: A little guidance Please

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Anyone want to help a poor guy trying to make something good for people :/

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pm  8)