[solved] new button on respawn menu

[solved] new button on respawn menu

« posted: Aug 18, 2016, 08:38 PM »
hey guys,

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Hello /me waves...

Love wasteland guys excellent job.. (pew pew)

so.. to the point.. lately i been looking at the sqf code and i would like to add a few things to my wasteland server..

ive created some side  "bases" which i would like players to be able spawn on.
ive created the button on the respawn dialog which when clicked spawns the players at the base.
however im having trouble positioning this button to the right of the random button.
id like the random and base buttons equally centred.

just to clarify, i am new to arma scripting (no doubt), i have added the button and the function code to action what happens when the button is clicked in loadrespawndialog.sqf, however, im not used to working with dialogs, (first one actually) what seems to be happening is that the button is "under" the main dialog, so i pressume i am missing something to make it "on top" of the background dialog graphic, prolly something simple, if i just create the button with only X coords i see the button top left..

#define RspnBaseButton_X (RspnTopBar_X + CENTER(0, 0)) // centered under RspnTopBar

however, as expected because i have never created a dialog before, im unsure of what coords to feed it
to get it to the right of the random buttom, have tried many variations of code, i think some of the things i have tried worked BUT the button is "under" everthing else.. and "not" on top.

i realise its not a wasteland issue but a default arma GUI scripting issue i have to learn, i have looked at sources to see if i can figure it out, but most are vague and kinda deal with the GUI issues in that specific tutorial, i know you guys can give me a quick answer which i will understand.. that is why i ask this question here.

Can someone give me info on how to achieve this?


if a player is respawned obviously there money is reset to starting money, however if i wanted a quick dialog after respawn (or infact check box or something on respawn menu) to be able to buy the exact gear they had before they died maybe with extra % total, said money is taken from said bank account if they have enough, how would i go about acheving this goal?

question one is priority though... button is shown but how do i place it right of random button.

"off topic script error"

This error pertains to random spawned vehicles, "sometimes" not always findsafepos for the vehicle spawn bugs out (would not speculate why) it generates an error on the server about generic error findsafepos.

I have not seen this before but when scripting and starting n stoping the wasteland server mission in MP from eden editor, sometimes the lobby starts but there are no playable slots (its blank) when you return to eden editor, the whole map is blank (no marker, units/shops or anything), like a fresh map , "mission.sqf" is completely new, so i have to copy a previous mission.sqf save and paste it into the wasteland folder again, ive edited many missions and only had this happen while editing wasteland mission.. maybe not wasteland mission problem BUT rather arma problem dunno, thought i would mention it.

anyhow, keep up the GREAT work guys.. loving all this stuff... awesome job!

thanks for any help..


Solved it, just had to specify the position with a number <= 1, so like 0.125, i was using numbers greater than 1.