Players Using Perf Build v1

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Players Using Perf Build v1

« posted: Sep 30, 2016, 08:44 PM »
There is an issue whereby players who use perf build 1.64 v1 can easily dupe things by disconnecting and reconnecting back on there body !!

***it makes no difference what version the server is using***

perf build v2 is coming out this evening hopefully however there will be players taking advantage of this.

there is a fix for this, by kicking players running the perf v1 build.

main init
Code: [Select]
if ((productVersion select 3) == 138587) then {
    9999 cutText ["Bad Arma Perf v1 Detected, Please Revert back to v0 or stable, V1 DOES NOT WORK", "BLACK", 0.01];
    sleep 10;
    endMission "LOSER";
Players Using Perf Build v1