TS3 Server Monitor/Relauncher (Local Windows)

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TS3 Server Monitor/Relauncher (Local Windows)

« posted: Oct 14, 2016, 10:48 PM »
So I was getting a little irritated and little script kiddies and jerks crashing my ts3 through back doors and started messing around with an arma launcher I made with the help of SpecOps a year or so ago.

I was able to funker it up to monitor my TS3 server and relaunch the server if it goes down. It works flawlessly (at least for me.)

It also keeps logs of the last crash and when the restarted initialized so you know when you crashed to give you a time (within 3 seconds) of your server crashing to allow for easier skimming of logs.

It only works locally, meaning you cannot run it from your personal computer to check on a server box in a different state. It's meant to be placed on your server or personal computer.

I ensure nothing I make has a virus, but PLEASE always use virus protection and scan your files.

If you wish to download it, it is here:

Recording: http://i.imgur.com/g9zztJL.gif
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