Selecting server hardware?

Selecting server hardware?

« posted: Oct 15, 2016, 04:53 PM »
So I have the choice of these three main appealing server configs in the same price range. Which is the better option?

Option #1: i7 4790k 4+ghz, 32gb RAM, 240gb ssd, guaranteed 250mbps network speed with unlimited bandwidth, anti ddos, runs any version of Linux but doesn't support Windows server. $59

Option #2: xeon E3-1245v2 3.4ghz, 4c/8t, 32gb RAM, 3x120gb SSD, guaranteed 250mbps network and unlimited bandwidth, anti-ddos, 100gb backup space, supports Linux and Windows server UpTo 2012 standard. $56/Mo

Option #3 : Xeon E5 1620 3.6ghz, 4c/8t, 32gb RAM, 2x2tb SATA, same network and bandwidth as others, anti-ddos, supports all up to Windows server 2012R2, $55/Mo.

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Re: Selecting server hardware?

« Reply #1 posted: Oct 16, 2016, 02:39 PM »
Depends if you would rather host on Linux vs Windows.

A majority of Arma 3 servers are Windows based, so that would mean Windows > Linux (also in the way of support), and SSD > HDD... but in saying that, from everything I have read/heard/etc over the last year is that CPU clock speed is a big factor in running a clean server, so Higher Clock Speed > Lower Clock Speed. All CPU's listed are 4 core with hyper threading.

A3 Linux... Option 1 (Linux > Windows for stability)
A3 Windows... Option 3 (slightly higher clock speed)
A3 Windows... Option 2 (ssd vs hdd, slightly lower clock speed than Option 3).

All three options are rather decent... toss a coin... twice? :P


Re: Selecting server hardware?

« Reply #2 posted: Oct 17, 2016, 02:14 AM »
These 3 options are from SoYouStart, right?

The "game servers" from OVH/SYS have a an active anti-ddos protection, and the "essential" by sensor. That means if you receive an attack on "essential" server it will take 1-3 minutes to migrate the attack.(at less it was for me). But with the "game server" it protect you instantly, your players will not even feel that. (I had both servers and I know that)

LINUX/WINDOWS? just read this:
(please note I had the 3rd option on the topic above)
The game servers from SYS allow you to install WINDOWS 8 CLIENT(They don't say it, but you CAN! All you need to do is put the windows key at the panel after you buy the server). I ran this for about 3 months and had no problem.

I used the option 3 by a month, At first I was using linux and the performance was really bad. Then I installed Windows and had performance improved. As you can see at the topic.

Then I rented the option #1 and installed windows 8 client, that ran really better than the last one: with 70 players I had about 15-20 server fps (using 60% cpu).

(Also you dont need 32gb ram, take the 16gb, Arma does not take more than 2 or 3gb...)

I think its clear that the "Option #1" WITH WINDOWS is the best one...
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Re: Selecting server hardware?

« Reply #3 posted: Oct 17, 2016, 10:54 AM »
If you can get windows on option one, then that is the one hands down. Arma is about core speed, the faster the better it will run.

And agree, you wont need 32 gig of ram, 16 will be fine. Neither of my wasteland/exile servers use more than 2gig

If you cant get windows on option one, then go for option three, for higher core speed

And off topic, but I love the pricing on those servers. In aus, I'm paying $270/Mo for spec similar to option two  :(
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Re: Selecting server hardware?

« Reply #4 posted: Oct 18, 2016, 07:27 PM »

my boxes
6700k - 16Gb Ram 2133 - 240Gb SDD - 1Tb HD to Backup - Win10

Re: Selecting server hardware?

« Reply #5 posted: Oct 20, 2016, 06:56 PM »
Thanks for the advice. Soyoustart is waiving setup fees right now

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