[DTC] A3 Wasteland

[DTC] A3 Wasteland

« posted: Oct 20, 2016, 01:47 PM »
Hi all

We are a newly formed team [DTC] from long-time Arma series players. We speak English and French and we would like to introduce our brand new Wasteland dedicated server ! At the moment we have 1 active server on Altis, but more will be coming in the near future. We also organize from time to time milsim co-op missions that we develop. You are all welcome to join us in-game and on our forum  :D

Some of our Wasteland features:

- No addons required.
- Added some patterns for vehicles.
- For those who like infantry fights and CQB, we've introduced a NO FLYING ZONE over Kavala, which means after two warnings aircrafts will crash.
- The server restarts every 4 hours, we've put up warnings before each restart (120 minutes/60/30/15/10/5 before restart) so you're not taken by surprise. The server will be back online after 2 minutes.
- We've set the AI in Hardcore mode so the objectives are more challenging.
- Characters and vehicle saves directly on the server which avoid any losses, and the vehicles pops straight away. Unused "bought" vehicles will stay 72H, beacons 120H.
- You can tow, lift, push, unflip and lock your vehicles (with some restrictions eg: a M-900 cant lift a Slammer)
- All DLC's gear and vehicles are available.

Here are our coordinates, don't hesitate to come talk to us on the forum, TS or in-game. We hope to see you soon !

Server Name: DTC Wasteland Altis | High FPS | $25K Start | ATM | SAVE | Fr

TS: IP & Port

Cya, [DTC] Calico Jack