rogue civilians / insignia faction / same side faction group shot at each other

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So I've been searching all over the internet to do this, but only got half the info.

A) i would like to create a civilian in Eden (also i'm using Eden Enhanced Mod) and place him on the map (easy, i know how).
B) i would like to set his Object Init to make him rogue on everyone, even his own faction. <-this i have no clue how. the closes i got to this is by reading this wiki command.

but I don't know how to script it to the Object Init or make a sqf out of this. i did try many method, but all failed. the best i can do is to go to the General settings in Eden and set the Independent Allegiance to attack sign on both, and spawn as a bluefor or redfor therefor the civilian will attack me, but if I'm in the independent faction, the civilian won't shoot at me.

Don't know why they made civilians as the same faction as independent, but best guess was because of the story mode.
C) that brings me to on how i can make civilians as their own faction?

2) this is an idea that i hope someone here knows how to do this.
A) instead of all 3 faction fighting each other, i would like to have it by insignia.
so if i have 2 groups of bluefor and set their insignia to two different ones, then both groups will attack each other.
B)  couldn't really find much on the wiki about insignia except (, but that doesn't help clarify if what i request can be done or not.

A) I would like to spawn 2 groups from the same factions in Eden
B) make those two groups fight and "player" can join in who is also in the same factions as both group.
C) make this possible in vanilla wasteland.

4) I'm still a month in having my first working wasteland server, which is also my first arma server, so i'm still kinda new to the scripting, but i took the effort in watching weeks worth of scripting on youtube and reading a lot, but all these youtube videos only show the basics and don't go too advance. the reading i find on forums, are ether to complex, outdated, or i don't understand half of what they are saying.

so, if you know anyone of my questions, please explain it neatly or  // the code

Just a thought: the AI at missions are civilians. Don 't know how they would react if civilian player appears. Still enemy or friendly?  ::)
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i assume they can kill can kill you, but i just tried putting a civilian spawn in my mission, but every time i spawn i get a "mission failed"

i also looked at the mission_TownInvasion.sqf

and noticed:
Code: [Select]
line 17 _nbUnits = if (missionDifficultyHard) then { AI_GROUP_LARGE } else { AI_GROUP_MEDIUM };
line 26  _nbUnits = _nbUnits + round(random (_nbUnits*0.5));
line 59 _aiGroup = createGroup CIVILIAN;
line 60 [_aiGroup, _missionPos, _nbUnits] call createCustomGroup2;

in this script. they force spawn a AI group then convert it into civilians

but don't want to spawn ai, i want to have them pre-placed on Eden
KRDucky asked similar question once.

Doing so would cause a massive amount of errors and bugs, I'm not sure you'd have the skills to handle this.

Yes. There are a very large number of scripts with hardcoded sides, plus A3W's AI faction is civilian.