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Also, I have Aspergers so I come off as awkward and dry all the time. I believe that the act of "thanking" people is useless and redundant. I can feel when someone is grateful without needing them to "thank" me, and I do not expect or even want people to verbally "thank" me. When I do "thank" people, I do it mechanically, because I've been taught that's what people expect and want to hear. But, when on the Internet, I don't really care about such social constructs.

I am glad to "meet" someone else who has Aspergers. I have been dealing with it for 30 years and counting. Good on ya!

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Does anybody know of a link to another Out of Bounds script/addon besides Soul's from above? I love his script but it doesn't fit our server as using custom maps like Taunus and pre built bases I had to place two of the bases outside of the map itself so his script would not work for out for this map on our server. I found one that was created way back in 2007 but that Out of Bounds script was creating issues with every other trigger on the map.

Any help is appreciated. I am looking for a simple updated script to allows me to place down markers on the map so if a player enters that marker they have a determined amount of time to go back or they will die.

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Disregard, I found an old one from Arma Assault and I had to do some a little code updating with it to get it to work correctly.

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Thanks for the great addons.

I have a question about GlobalChatMessage.

In the installation statement you say that it is necessary to place a parameter in a game entity called server. When placing the parameter that you provided in the instructions is shown an error called Start missing;
The only place I could find to put this game entity and this paramenter was by editor Eden.

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Ill be honest, I sometimes forget ToME has the option to auto-update addons. I had some issues a while back with it duplicating things and have left it disabled since.

Id go for uption 2, if the save-breaking isnt feasibly correctable. A minor update to add a message seems far easier.