Arma 3 Wasteland AUSTRALIA

Arma 3 Wasteland AUSTRALIA

« posted: Jan 12, 2017, 07:23 AM »
First of its kind, a Wasteland Australia. I am 98% finished with it, all I am doing now is editing the convoys.

Search for {PST} Phoenix Sniper Team.

If you don't know who the {PST} guys are well if you remember COD and the zombie mode that was created by some hacking that is them. They are the ones who created the COD zombie mode where you would join the game and the zombies would go after the players who were not zombies then infect them. Too bad COD shut it down because it was one of the best mods of that game, well the only one, LOL.

Anyway if you want the Wasteland Australia PBO you know how to retrieve it.

This is my first Wasteland conversion, time consuming, but its actually very easy. I am planning on converter a couple more maps that has not been used in Wasteland and I will update the forums whenever I do.

If anybody needs any help on converting maps to Wasteland pm.

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« Reply #1 posted: Jan 13, 2017, 07:12 PM »
I finally completed the Wasteland Vanilla of Australia, convoys, atms, territory captures and now I am going to build new bases.

Question, the map maker stated this:

To enable entry to Police stations use the following code in the Debug console window

player setVariable ["copLevel",1,true];

How can I enable the Police Stations within Wasteland? I copied this code to the init.sqf but it didn't do anything. I think this was added for some of the other mods...But I would like to get this working just for fun. I know wasteland does not have copLevels...

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Love this map tested it on my dedicated server is there a way to add Vcom Ai mod in it  would be awesome to have Roaming AI with missions