Kill Feed to Log file or Mysql

Kill Feed to Log file or Mysql

« posted: Jan 20, 2017, 07:45 PM »
Hi can anyone point me the direction of how I might get wasteland to output a kill feed ( X Killed Y with Z from A meters) to a log file or even better to a mysql table.   I'm trying to get some more granular stats for my players.

Thanks in advance

Re: Kill Feed to Log file or Mysql

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really the kills or more the "injuries" before the revive timer kicks in?

to get the necessairy data input for the mysql queries:

for the injuries start here, understand the code and adapt to your needs:

for the kills:

kills is harder because you have to pass on the injury data to the script.

for the database saving  -read through the extdb implementation, extend the database scheme according to your needs and modify the extdb implementation.
this might have a steep learning curve - so it is best if you run a local mysql server (e.g. turnkey mysql for virtualbox) and do all the testing on your local pc.