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In the Base Locker addon in BoS_reLock.sqf I set the #define RADIUS 10
Also in the BoS_showBorder.sqf I set the #define RADIUS 10 which works fine.

Whenever I lock down a base using the menu on the base locker I cannot unlock or lock anything even if its 30 meters away, outside the shown border. So, am I missing something on where to define the radius of locking down a base?

I take it the guys who created the base locker addon don't come here any longer?

Okay I found out how to ACTUALLY set the lock down and unlock radius. Its located in objectLockStateMachine.sqf that is located in the R3F directory. Whoever created the BaseLocker added TWO cases that are important in setting up the radius of the locking and unlocking of crates that are near base lockers.

Just look for _reLockers = nearestObjects [player, ["Land_Device_assembled_F"], 150];

within this sqf and change the 150 to whatever which is measured in meters/metres...150 is large number when using larges bases that have single bases within that large base. This will cause players next to your base unable to lock down their items in their base.

Giving players the option to save more and more base parts won't help your server run smoothly.

More Simulated objects = less performance

Probably just something to keep in mind

Understood but I can promise you that I get 40-60 FPS on our server that is running two instances of Arma 3 wasteland, one being Australia and the other being Altis. On each one we have two huge bases I built in Eden and we have prebuilt small bases spread around each map.

Its about having a single use dedicated server running a Xeon processor IMHO. Then on top of that our bandwidth is not metered. These do not run well on shared servers like many people/clans use but we are a group made up of "wealthy" players such as corporate business owner, I.T. Professionals, retired, we have to pay $125 a month for our own server but its worth it. If you can afford a single use dedicated server where you have FULL CONTROL of the server and I mean full control then I recommend it as it really runs Arma 3 way, way better. We figure that we can run 4 instances of Arma 3 before any FPS impact.


We would rather people have freedom on Wasteland but we do not allow people to build custom bases because like you said the more stuff that is added during Wasteland gameplay will affect performance but when built in Eden its a total different ball game, only if you have a pure dedicated server. I run a test server here at home that has just an i5 on it (old extra PC I had previously) and I get 60 FPS on it.

Test our servers {PST} Australia and Wasteland


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