New Eden Features
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New Eden Features

« posted: Sep 13, 2017, 10:21 PM »
Not sure how many of you have picked up on the new features within the Eden editor that you can use to fix Map issues such as rock formations overlooking key strategic areas such like Gun Stores etc, for too long players have been glitching these area's and we have been powerless to stop it without watching the map 24/7, but not anymore !

open the editor up and load your mission SQM

Navigate to the Map area you want to edit, in this case Kill Farm on Stratis

select 'Systems' top right hand side of the editor and select 'Hide Terrain Objects'

the rest is self explanatory - it's just like placing a marker with a few more options  :D
New Eden Features
New Eden Features

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Re: New Eden Features

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Nice m8 thanks for the heads up

Re: New Eden Features

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