ESPC Gaming | PvP Combined Arms | A3Wasteland Altis is coming to Europe!

As a long-standing A3Wasteland community which was primarily based in Asia, ESPC Wasteland is now officially coming to Europe.

ESPC Wasteland is running a highly customized A3Wasteland mission.

As you can see from the server name, our server primarily focus on joint operation between land and air forces. You will have access to nearly all armed vehicles available in vanilla ArmA 3, including fully-armed jets and artilleries.

We have 8 air strips (including a carrier) and a sea-crossing bridge that you can take off your jets from. All vehicles are equipped with thermal imaging devices if applicable. Infantries also have access to all kinds of thermal imaging devices.

For those of you who love street battles. We also added multiple military towers in 4 major towns. Here are some other features that we think you might be interested in:

  • [Added] CCTV camera
  • [Added] Spawn Beacon and CCTV camera tracker
  • [Added] Reward for playing
  • [Changed] Enabled Kajman and Xi'an pilots to fire rockets
  • [Added] 3D markers
  • [Added] Advanced Rappelling
  • [Added] Base re-locker in GS
  • [Added] Uniform painter
  • [Added] Custom vehicle skins

For more new features of our server, join our server now and find out for yourself.

Server Name: ESPC Wasteland Altis | PvP Combined Arms | Carrier | Artillery Strike
Server IP:
Server Port: 2302

Also, don't forget to join our Discord channel:
Updated to 1.4c with Tank DLC content added.