Takistan Wasteland War v1.4c

Takistan Wasteland War v1.4c

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Hi Guys,

Just letting you guys know The New and Improved Custom Gaming wasteland is back!! It's back to how people liked it! So please come check it out see what you think

It uses CUP and RHS addons!!

Here is are collection of all the mods you need!!:


If you want to check out progress head over to:

Website: www.ermgaming.shivtr.com



Servers Info:

*High FPS!! - Faster Cleanup Scripts

*Custom Base Locations Blufor & Opfor Bases !

*Small Updates, Tweeks & Addons/Changes Implemented Regularly for the best and most upto date gameplay!!

* More CUP & RHS content will be added throughout the coming weeks!!

* Feedback from players it always appreciated so don't hesitate to post on are forums!

Server Features!!

~New Custom Class Load-Outs!!
~More Stores!!
~All CUP
~Updated Scoreboard! K/D Ratio
~Explosives To Vehicles
~Mag Repack
~Custom GUI
~Custom Map Content
~Personal Storage
~Death Markers

Server IP:

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* We know that there is an issue with independent uniforms but will fix soon!

All over factions work correctly!


Random B

Re: Classic Arma 2 Style ZARGABAD Wasteland War v1.4c

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Repost! New server Up details above !!

Re: Classic Arma 2 Style ZARGABAD Wasteland War v1.4c

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Over the following days I will be implementing more custom loadouts & remaking all missions using cup vehicles!

Also don't forget the addition of team bases!! This is all coming soon over the next 4-5 days!!

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Server IP:

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Updated to takistan