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Classic Chernarus Wasteland

Hi, everyone. I've been hearing for a while now that there is interest in a wasteland server on Chernarus. Due to that, I'm starting up a brand new wasteland server designed to reflect the old Arma 2 wasteland servers that we all know and love. To do this, I've ported the A3Wasteland mission to Chernarus using the CUP Terrains mod. Alongside the server, I'm starting a new gaming community, Armageddon Gaming. The server will be under this name.

The server runs what is essentially the default A3Wasteland mission, but with some slight modifications and additions, as well as obviously being on the Arma 2 Map.

Building and saving is also enabled, and will persist over every restart, so that players can build bases or store weapon caches around the map. Vehicles also persist over restart.


To join, the only required mods are CUP Terrains - Core and CUP Terrains - Maps. The easiest way to connect is to install the mods using A3Launcher and then search for the server name found below. Alternatively, I've created a Steam Workshop collection with both mods included, which you can subscribe to here, and then connect directly through the in-game server browser.


NAME: Armageddon Gaming | Classic Chernarus Wasteland | CUP Terrains
PORT: 2302


Armageddon Gaming has a public Discord chat and encourage anyone who plays on the server to join. Feel free to stop by! Join

Re: Classic Chernarus Wasteland [CUP Terrains] - Armageddon Gaming

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Hi everyone!

The server now has a solid group of regular players, and we've got a good little community up and running. The server is also receiving regular updates in the form of bug fixes and additions to Wasteland itself. I've added some new missions that include explosives caches and special weapons and equipment, as well as an Armed Jet mission. I'm also working on balancing store prices to encourage players to go for weapon cache missions rather than mostly relying on Gun Stores.

We are always looking for more players, so come join us! Instructions are in the main post.