Chernarus Wasteland (RHS/CUP Terrains) - Armageddon Gaming

Chernarus Wasteland (RHS/CUP Terrains) - Armageddon Gaming

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Chernarus Wasteland (RHS/CUP Terrains) - Armageddon Gaming

Chernarus Wasteland RHS by Armageddon Gaming

Armageddon Gaming has just updated the Chernarus Wasteland server to include only content from the RHS mods! The server is completely modded, except for a couple small details to fill in gaps. We have also worked to improve the base A3Wasteland mission by adding in new AI missions such as capturing attack jets or caches full of explosives, and also making quality of life improvements such as vehicle service points around the map and more base parts in general stores.  Come join us!


To connect to our server, you must download and install the required mods listed below.

CUP Terrains - Core
CUP Terrains - Maps

The easiest way to connect is to install the mods using A3Launcher and then search for the server name found below. Alternatively, we've created a Steam Workshop collection with both mods included, which you can subscribe to here, and then connect directly through the in-game server browser.


NAME: [AG] Wasteland Chernarus US | RHS | CUP Terrains | Bases
PORT: 2312


Armageddon Gaming has a public Discord chat and encourage anyone who plays on the server to join. Feel free to stop by! Join

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