ACE3 and antihack trouble

ACE3 and antihack trouble

« posted: Aug 11, 2018, 11:01 PM »
Sorry if this is a noob question, new to modding A3 outside of just playing around in the editor.

Having a problem with getting kicked as soon as the player is initialized, due to some scripts in ACE3. Both ACE# and wasteland work perfect separately. Wondering if there's a way to make an exception or something for ACE3 in the antihack?

For whatever it's worth, this is the flag against ACE3 in the .rpd;

ANTI-HACK: Ashlander (76561198065421750) was detected for [script injector] with the value [[""onLoad"",""_this call ace_markers_fnc_initInsertMarker;"",""_this call ace_markers_fnc_initInsertMarker;""]]

Also this in the publicVariableVal.txt;

1 "\"BIS_fnc_spawn\"" // remote execution method filtered by A3W antihack, but logs are always useful; some false positives, do not ban indiscriminately (edited)

EDIT: I just got it disabled for now and everything is working fine. Is BattlEye alone generally good enough, or would getting a workaround for this be ideal?