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Maybe its just me but i feel that these guys deserve something for their work. If you ever tried to edit or write a script for ArmA you know what i mean.

I wont add a poll here but ill be the first up to donate 20$ as soon as i see a paypal account that i can send it too, i mean we are..... ok i don't want to count, 6 pages of memebers, lets give these guys some beer money. I dont expect anything back, if they leave the project today i still be happy with the effort they put in. i mean just look how many servers that runt this at an alpha stage or even an beta of an alpha. get your community's in there and donate a $ or two!. They are spending much of their free time to do this for us!

keep the good work up! (no pressure ;-) )
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Re: PayPal

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I still remember making the first shitty 404 port rebranded as GoT wasteland stratis..

forgetting about is and comming back 2 days later to see my name all over the Arma3 server browser :D

But moneywise it still comes down to monetization, even is it's on a donation basis, someone needs to be in charge of that PP account etc.

As it is right now, have all means we need (most of us work in IT so hosting or servers aint that hard to get) :)

What I would like to see (as soon as we hit v1) is (fullhd) videocontent from populated servers running it :)
That way we can make some informative video's and maybe even a trailer :)

Re: PayPal

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Well i tried ;-).

As soon as posted number two of this i thought that this was unnecessary in a relative small forum, but i don't think i can remove the other thread can i? feel free to delete it if you wish.

Best regards.