i can't interact with vehicles and crates

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i can't interact with vehicles and crates

« posted: Sep 24, 2018, 05:19 PM »

I was trying merge BIB A3Wasteland 1.4 and Armory A3Wasteland 1.4 into a new Super Duper Awesome A3Wasteland with ACE3, RHS, TFAR, Urban Rappeling, Adv Towing, Blastcore, Enhanced Movement, Immerse, MOCAP modding, NPCs on territories, etc....

At some point I lost my Scroll Menú interaction with vehicles (get in Driver, gunner, Inventory, etc..), and crates (Open Inventory). The rest of option still there: Player Menu, R3F options, etc...)
For now, I use Enhanced Movement and ACE interactions for vehicles and crates, but that's not working for me (and muy users)

I was try with other untouch A3Wasteland and its work fine. Is my engendro the broken one.

even I was try overwrite mission.sqm and description.ext, just in case, but nothing.

I don't want start over from scratch, there's tons off changes. Please help. and excuse my french ;)

(by the way; my server is on a internetless network, called SNET in La Habana, Cuba. google it)
Soy administrador de ArmA III en una intranet en Cuba. No tengo experiencia en códigos ni programación, pero con ayuda he logrado un servicio eficiente y duradero, todo offline y sin internet.