When will a complete integration ACE3-A3Wasteland?
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When will a complete integration ACE3-A3Wasteland?

« posted: Yesterday at 06:17 AM »
I am struck by how little I have seen, and how poorly achieved the integration of ACE3 and A3Wasteland. I do not want to say that A3Wasteland lacks attractiveness, it is a magnificent mod, but the diversity that ACE3 offers expands the range of possibilities for this particular mod.

Several years ago I have been modified A3Wasteland. As I have not had internet so far, I could not share my misfortunes trying to correct errors, optimizing and guessing (because of programming I know absolutely nothing) how to mix both worlds; and I have advanced more on my own than I have found on the internet. Why?

I hope someone helps me and that we can finally achieve full integration. I almost achieved it.
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