How can I add ACE keys when I buy in the store?

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How can I add ACE keys when I buy in the store?

« posted: Nov 14, 2018, 05:14 AM »
I was trying to make sure that when you buy a vehicle the player's keys will be assigned to the player. The only thing I achieved was this:

Code: [Select]
// ******************************************************************************************
// * This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2016 *
// ******************************************************************************************
// @file Name: takeOwnership.sqf
// @file Author: MercyfulFate, AgentRev
// @file Description: Acquire the nearest vehicle

#define DURATION 60
#define ANIMATION "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic"

private _vehicle = ["LandVehicle", "Air", "Ship"] call mf_nearest_vehicle;
private _checks =
params ["_progress", "_vehicle"];
private _failed = true;
private _text = _vehicle call fn_canTakeOwnership;

if (_text isEqualTo "") then
_text = format ["Adquiriendo %1%2 completado", round (100 * _progress), "%"];
_failed = false;

[_failed, _text]

_success = [[DURATION, 5] select (_vehicle getVariable ["ownerUID","0"] isEqualTo getPlayerUID player), ANIMATION, _checks, [_vehicle]] call a3w_actions_start;
if (_success) then
    player removeItem "ACE_key_master";
[_vehicle, player] call A3W_fnc_takeOwnership;
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle;
["Acquiring complete!", 5] call mf_notify_client;



Code: [Select]
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle; on ``_success``

This I did for when you acquire ownership of a vehicle, and it works. But I do not find where to do it when you shop in the store.

Also, is there any way to add in game a custom name to an items in the inventory?
The problem is that the ACE keys are stacked and you can not tell which key is from which vehicle.
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