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When will a complete integration ACE3-A3Wasteland?


I am struck by how little I have seen, and how poorly achieved the integration of ACE3 and A3Wasteland. I do not want to say that A3Wasteland lacks attractiveness, it is a magnificent mod, but the diversity that ACE3 offers expands the range of possibilities for this particular mod.

Several years ago I have been modified A3Wasteland. As I have not had internet so far, I could not share my misfortunes trying to correct errors, optimizing and guessing (because of programming I know absolutely nothing) how to mix both worlds; and I have advanced more on my own than I have found on the internet. Why?

I hope someone helps me and that we can finally achieve full integration. I almost achieved it.

KRDucky has spent hundreds of hours to integrate ACE3 to Wasteland back in 2016. He succeeded, ran a server for almost a year, but barely anyone joined despite his numerous attempts to promote it, so he abandoned it. There is simply not enough demand.

Oh I see. that bad. My server in SNET, since we do not have internet, the users play what I put (as it is the only A3Wasteland server). We also have KOTH, Exile, and a clan of a few to play role. Although there are users who do not like ACE3, they manage it. What bothers them most is the advanced ballistic system, for those who like to sniper; and the medical system uses it in basic for A3Wasteland, but in the role play the advanced one is used.
At A3Wasteland we have only about 150 active accounts, and around 30 to 50 simultaneous users playing.
But the problems of integration are the worst of dislikes, for bugs, and optimization, most corrected somewhere.

I'll contact running to KRDucky to see if he helps me. Thank you.


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