Explanation of issues with A3W_Vehicles.ini and fn_restoresavedvehicle.sqf

Hi All,
This is not a question of support. This is to inform those who should ever encounter the same problem.

Our Wasteland Altis Server recently encountered a problem - but we believe this could have happened to any map.

In short, our A3W_vehicles.ini stopped saving and we had the following log message in our server's rpt file:

2019/04/21, 19:33:37 Error in expression <extures = [_textures] };
if (_textures isEqualTypeArray [""]) then
[_veh, _t>
2019/04/21, 19:33:37   Error position: <isEqualTypeArray [""]) then
[_veh, _t>
2019/04/21, 19:33:37   Error isequaltypearray: Type Side, expected Array
2019/04/21, 19:33:37 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\persistence\server\world\fn_restoreSavedVehicle.sqf, line 135

We inspected the fn_restoresavedvehicle.sqf and it was identical to the one released by agentrev two months ago after fixing the paint jobs bug.

After a few days of troubleshooting we nailed the issue down to the 'textures' that were being recorded for each vehicle in the A3W_vehicles.ini.

Textures are normally recorded as:

Or.... (insert any colour)

However we found that some textures were being recorded as (notice the missing square brackets)

Yes - "blufor".

We believe the A3W_Vehicles.ini, which records every two minutes, got corrupted by the known issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82940 spamming our server.

Our solution? We replaced the anomalous textures with:

And we have also set our server to restart every 6 hours to reduce the impact of the spamming issue to server performance.

I hope this is of use to someone who should ever encounter the same problem.

Signing off and have a great day.
Just an additional note:
It occurred today again with textures such as:

Again, I reverted the textureback to "[]" and it fixed the problem.
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I stopped supporting iniDB with the Tanks DLC update, admins shouldn't use it anymore at this point, all it does is lag the server when compared to extDB. Any changes I made for and after the Tanks DLC were not tested on iniDB, so don't be surprised if you run into bugs. I'm actually surprised iniDB is still in use nearly 5 years after extDB was added.
I did not realise that. Maybe it should be removed from the A3Wasteland settings release altogether then?

Will investigate shifting to extDB.
Where can I find the       A3W_vehicles.ini?

I have used every search program imaginable and cannot locate this file.


Update:  Can anyone direct me to where this file is located in A3W?