mission_Convoy modified to have mission reward vary, but hostileHilos won't work

So i noticed that the convoy mission spawns one of 3 sets of vehicles, one for each faction, BluFor, CSAT, and Indy.  I wanted to make the mission rewards different for each faction so you can read the file that shows how I did that.  So now when you kill the hunters it spawns NATO crates, and ifrits drop CSAT crates, etc.  It works for the convoy mission.  My problem is, I tried to do what I thought was the exact same thing for the hostile helicopters mission and nothing I try seems to work.  All the reward crate names and vehicle variant names are correct, they are all in my fn_refillbox.sqf or vehicleLoadouts.sqf files.

Nothing jumps out as wrong to me.

What happens when the mission runs and is completed?