Please Consider Before Posting a Question About Editing Code Read This.

With notepad++ if you can hit left control key+F then go to "Find In Files" and search your a3wasteland mission's folder with the related variables you wish to change; 90% of your questions can be answered via this method of 'reverse engineering' the code . . . . Thanks for reading this and have a great day.

In example:  You want to change the time it takes for you to get locked to a blufor or opfor team.  Whenever you are locked to a side it displays this; "You have been locked to XYZ"  Well if you "Find In Files": "locked to", it will lead you right to the right place to find the time variable that you desire to change.

You are welcome!
Dude. Not cool. If they're not familiar with sqf, wastelands code, or even coding in general that advice is just going to lead them down a rabbit whole of frustration and confusion.
This is what kicked off me learning to code without asking many or any questions.  It allows a coder to have self-reliance.
It's a good skill to have, but making a big post about it, and directly referencing a question that had been asked comes of condescending and discourages people from asking questions when they're stuck. Talking about it in a "Getting Started with Wasteland" type context would be one thing, but making a post about it in the forum that's specifically about help with code isn't the right place for it.