What did i forgot (teambalancer)

What did i forgot (teambalancer)

« posted: Nov 10, 2019, 06:58 PM »

im trying to implement Teambalancer.sqf file and run it on server, whatevery when I try to run mission localy, I cant initialize game and have only black screen

Im using this TeamBalancer https://pastebin.com/A14wyKg7

Its calling from client\init.sqf

call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "client\functions\teamBalance.sqf";

And added to description.ext

    class TeamBalance
        title = "Team balance";
        subtitle = "You are being team balanced";
        description = "The side you are trying to join has too many players. Please choose another side.";

into class CfgDebriefing

What did I made wrong or forgot? anyone knows?