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1 problem 1 questions- parking and variants name


Hello problem
We on our server have got problem with vehicles what we want to park, after server restar the"parking sequence" works fine  but after some time you can only unpark vehicle but you can't park vehicle anymore.

The msg say's "please wait till your vehicle is parked"  but that never happens.

I don't even know where to look for the culprit :/

2.nd vehicle Variant name in garage and radar

We on our server have like 3 types of aircraft/heli each,

Buzzard (AA), (classic),(CAS)

Is there any way how to add variant na to garage?
Now I can see all planes with their origin name from arma "buzzard (CAS)" for every variation

Is there a way how to Add same names which are in vehicle store to garage? So people can know which plane they take out from garage?

Also I would like to have same stuff for radars so people in jets could see what they are facing, so they could change strategy

We are using older server file with our own custom codes so if this stuff is already implemented into a3wasteland.altis, sorry for bothering.

Parking solved.


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