Thermal scopes and thermal helmets
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Thermal scopes and thermal helmets

« posted: Feb 01, 2020, 09:02 PM »
Hello my friends,
I would like to know how to 100% solve the thermal problem, I opened my server again in Altis, but I would like to remove everything that is thermal on the server.
Laser Designator - ok, I got it
Launchers - ok, I got it
Armed armored vehicles - ok, I got it
My biggest problem is the thermal optics and thermal helmets, this is my biggest problem, can I exclude from the refilbox? won't it be a problem?
I use the disableThermal Script, but my biggest problem is the scopes, because they give missions and I would like to remove them once and for all from these mission boxes or block their thermal view, can someone help me?
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Re: Thermal scopes and thermal helmets

« Reply #1 posted: Apr 07, 2020, 03:04 PM »
why don't you just delete the names of telescopic sights and helmets with a thermal view from the arrays into which they are entered? :)
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