[EU/CZ] Madsalt Tanoa A3wasteland [VArsenal|Custom vehicle Loadouts |Start|$5k]



Today I have set up new MadSalt A3wasteland Tanoa server+ HC with interesting map locations.

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Balanced Virtual arsena l weapons/equip
Sexy custom vehicle loadouts (jets/helis/vtols)
No DLC jets in shop only from mission.
basic addons. Unlocked uniforms, enhanced movements, blastcore, CBA, Autorun, full screen NV
Experiencd AIs :)
After buying vehicle the Markus will thank you for buy.

Looking forward for test subjects and feedback :)))


Added points on map where you can find random spawned armed vehicles with random amout of fuel/dmg/ammo

Random spawned jets around map on on AF: now you have chance to find jets with custom laodouts, not only buzzard but EVERY version from my Custom vehicle loadouts, each is balanced for its field of use (CAS/AA/Bomber)

Balancing AI: reducing aim and increasing skill. now they have potato aim but they are not dumb

Changing Ai outfits: All Ais have reselected outfits to fit on Tanoa map.

PayRoll from territries each 10 minutes/2500 per field

High reward from each mission (60k-250k-rare mission 300+)

Night Time first 1 hour after server restart

Pilot of Kajman/Xian and Blackfoot have controls over Specific type of rockets (AASRAM/DARs/Skyfire,...)

new: every week USS Freedom and USS Liberty rotation around map

Restarts every 4 hours (GMT+1)