Money shimpment - units freeze on spot after spawn

Money shimpment - units freeze on spot after spawn

« posted: Jul 26, 2020, 11:26 AM »

I have problem with default mission  Money Shimpent.

Some times (70%) the Ai after its spawned just freeze, tehy dont moove until something happen near them (gunfire- they spot enemy or I will move them in zeus) , they dont follow leader or soemtimes leader is also frozen...
i tried to add their 1st waypoint close to them and increase waypoint completion radius so it will automaticaly complete their first wayspoint and force them to continue but it didnt helped.  Even tried to add to them Velocity when they spawn with better results but ist not always 100%. any help?

And when i checked other convoy missions (armed convoy=mission_Convoy.sqf) this mission is calling and spawning units by numbers  1,2,3.... and money shipment is spawning them randomly around marked. maybe that could be the issue...

I tried a lot of stuff and all my ideas with my (weak)knowledge are depleted so I am asking for help here :)