Redline 90' Open test 14/02

Redline 90' Open test 14/02

« posted: Feb 09, 2022, 09:49 AM »
We open a reboot of our old Redline Arma3 server, on Chernarus 2020 map, opposing US vs Russia into a 90's era.

Join us for stress test (14/02)

What is Redline?

Redline is a custom mod for Arma3, based on Wasteland Mission.

The mission opposes two factions: (RU and USA) in a 90's 2000's setting, where they fight to control Chernarus.

The map is customised with a REDLINE in the middle, separating the two factions.

Capture and hold the main cities and NWAF to generate income and gain control of vehicles shops.

Use teamplay to deploy on the battlefield (MHQ heli transport etc..) and perform joint attacks on your enemy!

-2 main bases, RU and U.S. You respawn at main base when you die.
-Custom shop for each faction with their own stuff
-MHQ deployable (2 MHQ per team)
-Bank account/private garage
-Trenches available with ACE module (using showel)

and some more

Red Roosters Gaming (available 10/02)
Cup Map Terrain Core
Cup Terrain Map 2.0
Cup Weapons
Cup Vehicles
Cup Units