Suggestions: Missions that provide choke points

Suggestions: Missions that provide choke points

« posted: Oct 26, 2014, 07:23 AM »
I would love to see more missions added that act as a magnets to bring players together.

- Sector control mission: with a timer and your team gains big money for every minute it is controlled.

-Invasion: (something I saw on another Wasteland server (Stalk and Strike Wasteland Prime) This was fun to watch when the mission started because between 20-50 AI troops including armor would parachute in over a city and the players had to clear it getting money for AI kills.

- Base beacons:  This was also something that the S&S guys implemented. . you could buy a base beacon that you can put up and take down (it was the cell tower) This is the ultimate "come at me bro" gameplay . . .you put it up and everyone on the map can see where your base is. It gives the team a respawn point. This would be really cool in conjunction with Logistics 3.0 once implemented where people can build up a base then throw up the beacon and try to defend it. . .might even work with the bounty system to double the money you make when you kill someone in x radius of your base beacon or something like that.

Bounty missions A player is assigned to kill another and is given his location while the other is given a location of some money. Depending on if the player gets the money or gets kill first determines who "wins" . gets paid.

Any other ideas?
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Re: Suggestions: Missions that provide choke points

« Reply #1 posted: Oct 26, 2014, 08:09 AM »
Some great suggestions ... however,

Sector control can be managed by means of territories - I actually have something like this on my Stratis / Altis servers - the whole map is divided into "sectors" and teams can capture these and receive payroll for holding them for a period of time. It's a great way to see which factions control which areas of the maps, and where to make your next attack.

Invasion sounds cool - however again , dropping 20 - 50 AI into an already full server will cause some crazy server lag I would think ... I've also seen similar missions like the Military Base mission I had somewhere , where 3 groups of heavily armed mercenaries take over a city and you had to "clear" the city in order to get the reward. Heavy server load from that mission with even just 20 units!

BaseBeacons hmmm - just buy a spawn beacon and mark yourself on the map :P - we've had various hour long battles at the airstrip with people who had fortified certain areas , put spawn beacons and defended it ! With the new implementation of the beacon timers, this actually works well and you don't have a constant beacon spam you used to get ;)

Bounty missions were ingame and worked for some time - I believe AgentRev has something in the pipeline more integrated. This was one of the coolest and fun missions I've seen - the bounty gets marker gets updated every 60 seconds or so on the map and you + your team will be rewarded for eliminating the target.

All great Ideas tbh ! and in some form or another are in the pipeline If I understand correctly ;) Let's see what version 1 has in it :D

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