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Global VoN Limitations

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I have an idea, and really do not know how feasible it would be - as AgentRev did most, if not all, of the coding for the TPG Wasteland.

Is it possible to limit Global VoN to just admins who are in the admin.sqf?

This way Global VoN would be prohibited from your regular players, but yet available to admins who need to warn players.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


 Adding option to totally disable would be seriously good addon :)

Meh, I wouldn't want to TOTALLY disable it, but would rather it be limited to admins only so we can warn players. Not everybody reads the text in the bottom left hand side - but, if you're called out by name over global... that'll get their attention.

Hub you can already do that, since OA actually. You have to edit the description.ext and to use global you have to log in as a admin with your PW. Small price to pay to limit global. I always turn off global,vehical,and system. That leaves you with side and direct for public users.

If you need help setting it up pm me and i'll walk ya through it on skype or ts. Cheers.


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