Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« posted: Nov 12, 2014, 12:01 AM »
First a quick story and then a serious question:

I’ve got about 800 hours on Arma3.  I know what I’m doing.

CandyMan had about 1500 hours and he was dominating our server.  Over two days, most people he encountered would die.  Altis is big and we never bumped into him but others did and they lost big time.

We picked a side mission about half way between our squad and Candyman’s suspected location.  We staked out the mission from a hill to the North West.  Bedlam’s spidey sense was tingling but after 15 minutes, nothing was happening.

We shot some of the AI and we sat tight.  After another 10 minutes we were getting bored.  We’d begun to doubt he was anywhere near us but we needed to find out.

I agreed to be the canary.  I made my way across the fields to the LAV and scanned the hills around me.  Bedlam and Bear stayed still in cover.  Everything looked clear. I joked with bedlam that his degree in psychology didn’t (always) give him Arma powers.

Then a shot from the south or maybe the east, I didn’t know.  It felt like it was at me.  I checked with the guys, “Is anyone firing?” No.  I got behind the car and another shot hit the dirt at my feet.  I rolled a couple of times and a second later I was dead.

We’d followed our standard operating procedure so Bear’s spawn beacon was up.  I parachuted in behind the north hill we were using as cover.  Bedlam searched with thermal.  I re-kitted from the crates in our heli.  We kept to the north side of the hill and waited, hoping the enemy had seen only me.

“Got him! 1.3km south and moving in,” from Bedlam.  It was a single sniper with a large calibre weapon.  No one moved.  Bedlam kept him in his scope.

He moved closer to the mission, slowly and carefully. He knew what he was doing, yet he never left Bedlam’s sights.

Then, something must have spooked him because he turned and started to the south west. He continued on like he’d lost interest in the mission.

Bedlam: We’re going to lose him.
Bear: Do we want to use this armed Strider?

Why yes, Bear.  Yes we do.  We’d carried the strider in under the chopper because it seemed a shame to leave it behind, and anyway, how often to you capture an armed strider?  Now it was the perfect weapon to chase down a fleeing enemy. 

Bear drove and I gunned.  I briefly worried if our friend was carrying AT and then we were on him.  Bedlam stayed on top of our hill and using his designator, called out his positions.  He dodged us a few times, throwing red smoke and ducking between trees but Bedlam always picked him up again on thermal.

When he stopped under a bush in a gully he must have thought himself invisible.  Bedlam knew better.  I put a single 40mm grenade on him and it was over.  All but the shouting that is.

According to the CandyMan we were cheats.  He was quite sure that I was using admin powers to find him.

Bedlam reminded him that he was in fact visible on thermal, even from 1.5km away but CandyMan was having none of it.  He took to Global to call us names.  He used strong words but it was weak tea.  His pride simply demanded we were cheating.

Bedlam reminded him he was facing a 3 man team with thermal, vehicles and a spawn beacon.  I pointed out he’d neglected to carry AT but it was too late, rather than be kicked for abuse he’d already slunk out of the server. 

CandyMan is a good player but we had the advantage in both gear and numbers.  He probably thought he was stalking us but we’d been watching him for 2 nights and we were at that mission to catch him.  And it worked. 

Oh, and he's welcome back on our server but until he apologises for his behaviour he's going to perpetually spawn in his underwear, hungry and thirsty with no ammo and less money.

So, that’s the story but this isn’t the first time these accusations have been levelled at players on my server.  I can think of half a dozen people in the last 3 months who simply couldn’t believe they were honestly beaten.  All of whom kicked up a fuss fuelled by their butthurt.

So my question is: How rampant is cheating that it is the go-to excuse for very experienced players that must know the many ways they can be legitimately killed in Wasteland?  Is there more I can be doing to protect my server and players from cheaters (other than keeping my BattleEye filters up to date?)
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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #1 posted: Nov 12, 2014, 09:57 AM »
I get it EVERYDAY ! to the point where I have to record my gameplay and upload footage of HOW i killed them before they say " aah okay  ... sorry "

I also used to have admin broadcast messages on the server , but that seems to no longer work with version 1.0b , so I'll look at that. Players seem to feel better if an admin kills them knowing that any admin tool usage gets spammed across the screen -i.e. god mode , tp , markers etc ...

I was laying down the smack on a few people on Stratis and had many admin abuse / hackusations - until i recorded this and showed them where I was ... Now they admittedly say they were just butthurt from dying and not having any idea wherefrom ...

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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #2 posted: Nov 12, 2014, 12:01 PM »
Players accusing you of admin abuse is so annoying. People accuse you of creating vehicles and weapons etc. I show them you get kicked for creating anything. Then they usually cool down.

What I find more annoying is that there is apparently a way for script kiddies to turn on god mode and use uber human speed in vehicles which is undetected.
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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #3 posted: Nov 13, 2014, 08:05 PM »
I had this problem when I was with a clan and branded my server with their clan logo and stuff, there was always someone saying admin powers were being abused (even tho I was the only one with admin). Playing everyday on the server helps the most, you can learn what players are more skillful and who to trust. Most of the people I've banned were teleporting.

I don't accuse anyone of cheating unless I have proof. Most of the time I blame my view distance  :P

I also try to hide that I'm a admin as much as possible.

Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #4 posted: Nov 13, 2014, 10:18 PM »
I also try to hide that I'm a admin as much as possible.

I'm thinking I will do this too.  I'm named in the MOTD as one of two admins and it might be giving people ideas.

Any idea why admin broadcasts are broken in 1.0b?  I've tested it and broadcasts only work when spawning cash.  I can teleport, use stores, etc  without broadcasting admin messages.

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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #5 posted: Nov 13, 2014, 10:30 PM »
imho adminning a server basically means you stop being a player on it :)

whatever you do you will always get comments like these :)

Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #6 posted: Nov 14, 2014, 09:07 AM »
imho adminning a server basically means you stop being a player on it :)

I know what you mean but I spend too much every month (time and $) on my server not to enjoy it.

I've updated the MOTD and the server rules to acknowledge the issue.  People who want to continue complaining will be shown the door.  There's plenty of Wasteland servers...
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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #7 posted: Nov 14, 2014, 07:09 PM »
I generally find new players throw the cheat accusations around, regular players know me and my co-admin play fairly, ignore them and carry on  :)
Your regulars will still play and the idiots can move on.

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Re: Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

« Reply #8 posted: Dec 04, 2014, 05:55 PM »
Two things, Firstly I've found that a lot of players who come to wasteland have only played games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, are the main perpetrators of accusations of both hacking and admin abuse, this is due to the fact that they don't understand the mechanics of Arma at all, so I explain to them and it usually settles things down, however I had a couple "Bad Eggs" on my server who proceeded  to start to "troll" so all I did was removed them from the server and banned them.

Secondly here's all you need to do, use the warn players option and tell them that you are working on something to do with the server, once you've said that, if they carry on, remove them from the server. I strictly have a zero tolerance policy on admin abuse on my server and I make sure that the players know when I'm trying to fix something. I also tell them if they want to know more or they dont understand to ask me and I explain to them what I'm doing and why. I don't have any issues with players yelling admin abuse BECAUSE I let them know when I'm using my tools. Also I have a dedicated uniform for myself and my admins to use when we are working on the server that is easily noticeable and cannot be used by a normal player. If you want to know how I did that it's quite easy, we use the vr uniforms or "tron suits".

If you need the debug command here it is: Player addUniform "U_I_Protagonist_VR";

If all servers would adopt a protocol similar to what I use we would never have to deal with claims of admin abuse ever again. Sadly there is always going to be people who ruin the game for everybody. If you have any other ideas on how to improve my system let me know here. Thanks Snakey