Suggestions etc....

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Suggestions etc....

« posted: Sep 01, 2013, 09:58 PM »

- Icons for food and drink, could be more arma 3 stlye (atm they are arma 2).
- Something more "money" looking as money drop :)?
- Add 10x faster fuel drain for helicopter and 5-6x for heavy vehicles (would need tweaking).

- If there is nothing found about hacking. Do not show the hacking menu and you have to press "ok" to continue. Anti hack script is to slow.

 - Adding a new menu (still using  parts of old arma 2 menu).
 - Adding remote .exe. So scripters cant use anything.


 - Introduction menu totally lags out the whole client (2/3 times loading, instead of 1 time).
 - If you have a moving shop keeper, when you kill him. You can still buy items from him.


- Players drive up several vehicles to the shop and sell items from them to get crazy amount of $$$.
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Re: Suggestions etc....

« Reply #1 posted: Sep 03, 2013, 12:33 AM »
one of the teaser movies i posted allready shows a new money model ;)

Re: Suggestions etc....

« Reply #2 posted: Sep 08, 2013, 09:56 PM »
Just to extend on JoSchaaps answer:
Hacking is always going to be an issue just like it always is with arma :(. AgentRevolution has done some Awesome work locking down some of the most vulnerable areas, and I can't understate how much effort he has put into it.

The new menu is on the cards. Its one of those things that we will get done once wasteland is running well enough on Altis to warrant us concentrating on other stuff.

The lag at the start isn't from the introduction menu, its other bits behind the scene and we are working on it :)
We will have to look into the shop keeper issue,I thought it was already fixed.

The store prices (and contents) should be highly configurable for the server admins, so each server can easily have their own pricing (including amount received from selling items).

Fuel drain is an interesting idea, but I'd have to look into how to do it. If it can be done without having to make it a clientside mod (like the dayz stuff) then we would make it configurable for server owners, but you'd have to bug them about lowering the values. Not sure how heavily demanded this idea would be.