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Re: Fractured-Gaming Wasteland

« Reply #15 posted: May 05, 2018, 10:10 PM »
Malden server is live! We've merged it with our Stratis Database!

Store pricing, as well as store selection, and mission rewards will remain Malden specific.

Your bank and gear level are transferable between both Stratis and Malden. However Malden sports the updated class oriented Gear Levels. Each class, (Combat Medic, Sniper, Engineer, and Diver) will have their own specific loadout as your gear level increases.

Please post any bugs in the bug section of our forums.!}-bugs-glitches-and-issues/?id=20

Here is the connection info! Port: 2302

Enjoy everyone!


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Re: Fractured-Gaming Wasteland

« Reply #16 posted: May 07, 2018, 05:31 AM »
Posts once, edits post 40 times in 60 seconds. STUPID FAT FINGERS!
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Re: Fractured-Gaming Wasteland

« Reply #17 posted: May 18, 2018, 04:44 PM »
Server Updates!!

Randomization on crates
So we've fully randomized crates. Yes, we want you guys to really have that shock factor when you get something good. We want that suspense of you carrying a nightstalker or anything else worth of value you've found in a crate. Also, we want people to start going after all missions.
We've noticed numerous people would only farm certain missions for rewards. We wanted to change that. You can still farm these missions. But if it spawns 2 crates, it's potential value will be no more than another mission spawning 2 crates. With that being said, since crates are 100% randomized, no mission is worth more than the next when you look at the value of crate per crate. So all missions can be farmed now. This also means, you may experience some pretty general stuff. But when you get that payout crate.. ohh man, it's worth it.

Mission Templating
We know a lot of you have a lot of ideas when it comes to missions. So instead of you guys talking about it in chat  and then it just dies out. We've decided to work on our missions to give you the option to make your own missions. It's actually not that hard and with a little creativity and research you can make your own. This also helps us devs make missions a lot quicker without as much debugging. See:

Crate Amounts
With the new mission templates it's a breeze to change the mission reward amounts. The harder the mission, the more crates that will spawn with them. Some have a random value, some have a static value. I will not open release the amounts, you're just going to have to figure this out on your own.

Mission Reward Identifiers
In missions upon completions, crates will be marked with red smoke and red chem lights. This is to help everyone know where rewards have been dropped

Paradropping Crates
So, a lot of the time we've notice people destroy aircraft and just leave them. Once the mission is complete the crates get created at the point of impact. Well, we want you all to start actually getting these rewards but at the same time engage in combat. With Air missions there wasn't much of a risk involved with shooting down air missions and getting their rewards. Now, once you destroy air missions, crates will eject from the air vehicle and paradrop down. You may want to wait until they reach land... Or if you're good enough, you may be able to get them to land in a boat :P

Red Dawn Mission
WOLVERINES!!! Yes, With testing of the new mission templates, a new mission has hit the server. Red Dawn. If you've seen the movies, you know what it is. Now enemy troops paradrop at a random location and take it over. Kill them and take their supplies!

Removed Money Missions and Replaced them with Smuggler Missions.
Have no fear, we've revamped money missions and added random amounts of crates to them. This turns them into a smuggler mission. These missions have money and crates.. Get a Heavy Smuggler shipment with 5 crates, walk out with a HUGE payday.. If you can make it back to sell alive that is :)

Money Amounts
Missions with money now have random weighted values. Have no fear, they will still give you a median per mission type, using Gaussian Distribution, now you can roll high, medium, or low. See Graph Below,

Mission Optimization
We've also worked on optimizing missions to make them run a little smoother and path properly. So hopefully now missions won't sit stagnant and actually move around on the map.

These Changes will be pushed to Malden also, so just standby for the updates.

Hope you all like the new mission setups. If you experience any bugs, please post them @}-bugs-glitches-and-issues/?id=20

Happy Killing!

Posts once, edits post 40 times in 60 seconds. STUPID FAT FINGERS!