I have some questions for *EVERYONE* here!

I have some questions for *EVERYONE* here!

« posted: Dec 26, 2014, 11:00 AM »
If you're reading this - thank you!

I own Alcoholic Gaming - a Wasteland Stratis server. Myself and my administration team are trying to figure out how to make our server better. Please check below!

I have some questions for you guys, everyone who plays ARMA 3.

Please respond in the below format.

Would you prefer STRATIS/ALTIS?:
Would you enjoy ATMs in a server:?
What kind of custom things would you like in a server?:
Any preferred mods?:
Would you like to see fullscale base building as a mod?:
How often do you play Stratis?:
How often do you play Altis?:
How often do you play Other Maps?:
Do you try and become friends with your favorite server's admins?:
Do you enjoy the admins involving themselves with the players?:
Do you like high amounts of admins or only a select few?:
What times do you usually play?:
Do you play ARMA Life? Do you enjoy it? Please list some of its flaws/bonuses:

I know its a lot, but it will help us a ton! If you want to check out our server, here is the IP.

~Audaxi - Alcoholic Gaming.