[US] Sector401 A3Wasteland [MFP] A3 Wasteland | Full Saves | ATM | $7500

[US] Sector401 A3Wasteland [MFP] A3 Wasteland | Full Saves | ATM | $7500

Adult Server 18+
Full Saves !
$7500 Start Cash
Narcotics !
Chop Shops
Ear Plugs
and more....

We are looking for survivors, not liabilities. If you enjoy the wasteland experience welcome home.

Please Read our Rules Here first .

Join our newly formed gaming community. Our server is hosted on our dedicated machine.


Teamspeak3 server is only mandatory for [MFP] members.

Server IP:

TS3 : NY2.LeetTS.com:10013

additional Server Info:

- Lone wolf friendly
- Map = Altis
Beacon drop altitude is 500m
1 min cool down on beacons
- Database Backed up daily
- Website and Teamspeak 3
- Active Administrator
- Server Restarts
- Slots 50
- Dedicated Host Located in the United States East Coast
- BattlEye\VAC