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The =M107=Community is looking for you to play on our new Wasteland Altis Server.


A3 Wasteland Altis:

Full Save
1000$ Start Cash
Hard Mission
New Blufor and Opfor Base
More Vehicle and Loot
with Taru Pods
Fast Rope
Active admins

*AdminEdit:JoSchaap* truncated your thread title because it messed up the layout :)
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Re: #DE01=M107=Wasteland[1.0b]|FullSave|1K|ATM|HardMission

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I logged on to your server yesterday because I was curious about the taru pod thing ;) which I couldn't find in your files. But it took a very long time for me to pass the black A3Wasteland is loading screen.
Other then that, nice server.