A Country for Old Men | Armed Civilians | CUP Weapons Pack | VTS Resting | 18+

A Country for Old Men (AC4OM) is a privately owned Arma 3 server located in Sydney, Australia.  The server has an armed civilian population (COS) and supports the Community Upgrade Project Weapons Pack (@CUP) which includes the majority of weapons from Arma 1 and 2, including DayZ and BP weapons.

The server address is:

Full player/base/money saving is enabled and the spawn rate of loot has been cranked up to the maximum.  The idea is that players can enter the server and within 20 minutes be relatively well armed and ready for PvP action, even on Altis.

The server runs part time as the admins have jobs and so far we've really just run it so our mates can play together in the evenings.  It's online at night from about 2000 until 0100 (Australian Eastern Time), 7 days a week and is open to the public.  Server admins are speedweasel and Bedlam.

The server is labeled as 18+ but really we're just trying to attract mature players who want to focus on the game and enjoy Arma 3.  Griefers, team-killers and kids with ADD may be kicked to preserve the game experience for the majority of serious players.

This Steam page covers the mods recommended for play:

Finally, don't be misled by the name; AC4OM provides a welcoming environment for gamers of any gender.  We're all adults and harassment, misogyny or anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.

See you in the (customised) Wasteland.

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UPDATE:  The AC4OM server is no longer running custom weapons or mods.  Please ignore this thread.